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A New New Testament

A New New Testament

A New New Testament

A Bible For The 21st Century Combining Traditional And Newly Discovered Texts


Brief Description:
A provocative new edition of the New Testament that includes ten more recently found texts, selected by a council of scholars and spiritual leaders, alongside the classic books, with introductions and contextual background from Hal Taussig.

HMH 2013 603 PP. Cloth

$32.00 (out of stock but can be backordered)

It is time for a new New Testament.

Over the past century, numerous lost scriptures have been discovered, authenticated, translated, debated, celebrated. Many of these documents were as important to shaping early-Christian communities and beliefs as what we have come to call the New Testament; these were not the work of shunned sects or rebel apostles, not alternative histories or doctrines, but part of the vibrant conversations that sparked the rise of Christianity. Yet these scriptures are rarely read in contemporary churches; they are discussed only by scholars or within the context of being "gnostic "gospels. Why should these books be set aside? Why should they continue to be lost to most of us? And don't we have a great deal to gain by placing them back into contact with the twenty-seven books of the traditional New Testament - by hearing, finally, the full range of voices that formed the early chorus of Christians?

To create this "New New Testament," Hal Taussig called together a council of scholars and spiritual leaders to discuss and reconsider which books belong in the New Testament. They talked about these recently found documents, the lessons therein, and how they inform the previously bound books. They voted on which should be added, choosing ten new books to include in "A New New Testament." Reading the traditional scriptures alongside these new texts--the Gospel of Luke with the Gospel of Mary, Paul's letters with The Letter of Peter to Philip, The Revelation to John with The Secret Revelation to John--offers the exciting possibility of understanding both the new and the old better. This new reading, and the accompanying commentary in this volume, promises to reinvigorate a centuries-old conversation and to bring new relevance to a dynamic tradition.


Foreword xi

Preface xvi

Preface to the Translations xx

Introducing A New New Testament xxiii

How to Read A New New Testament xxviii

The Books of "A New New Testament" An Ancient Prayer from the Early Christ Movements

The Prayer of Thanksgiving 5

Gospels Featuring Jesus's Teachings

The Gospel of Thomas 15

The Gospel of Matthew 27

The Gospel of Mark 64

The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles 89

The Acts of the Apostles 127

Gospels, Poems, and Songs Between Heaven and Earth The First Book of the Odes of Solomon 172

The Thunder: Perfect Mind 183

The Gospel of John 189

The Gospel of Mary 224

The Gospel of Truth 231

The Writings of Paul and an Introductory Prayer The Prayer of the Apostle Paul 243

The Letter to the Romans 246

The First Letter to the Corinthians 265

The Second Letter to the Corinthians 283

The Letter to the Galatians 296

The Letter to the Philippians 304

The First Letter to the Thessalonians 369

The Letter to Philemon 314

Literature in the Tradition of Paul with a Set of Introductory Prayers The Second Book of the Odes of Solomon 320

The Letter to the Ephesians 328

The Acts of Paul and Thecla 337

The Letter to the Colossians 347

he Second Letter to the Thessalonians 351

The First Letter to Timothy 355

The Second Letter to Timothy 361

The Letter to Titus 365

Diverse Letters with a Set of Introductory Prayers The Third Book of the Odes of Solomon 372

The Letter of James 379

The Letter to the Hebrews 386

The First Letter of Peter 401

The Letter of Peter to Philip 409

The Second Letter of Peter 414

The Letter of Jude 418

Literature in the Tradition of John with an Introductory Set of Prayers The Fourth Book of the Odes of Solomon 427

The First Letter of John 434

The Second Letter of John 439

The Third Letter of John 441

The Revelation to John 445

The Secret Revelation of John 467


A Preamble 483

1 The Discoveries of New Documents from Old Worlds 485

2 The Books of A New New Testament: An Overview 491

3 Two Surprising Stories: How the Traditional New Testament Came to Be; How A New New Testament Came to Be 500

4 What's New in A New New Testament? 519

5 Giving Birth to A New New Testament and Retiring the Idea of Gnosticism 529

6 A Rich Explosion of Meaning 537

Epilogue: What's Next for A New New Testament? 544

The Council for A New New Testament 555

Acknowledgments 559

Appendix I: Sixty-seven Major Writings of the Early Christ Movements 560

Appendix II: The Books of the Nag Hammadi Library 567

Appendix III: Study Guide 569

Appendix IV: Recommended Reading 582

Subject and Author Index 584

Scriptural Index


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