Resistance and Obedience to God

Memoirs of David Ferris 1707-1779
QuakerPress of FGC

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In this short journal, 18th century Quaker David Ferris, a contemporary of John Woolman, unfolds the richness of the struggle to find and live God's will. Anyone interested in American religious history, Quaker history, spiritual development, religious education, or ministry will find this chronicle of Ferris's life a fascinating documentation of the moral and ethical development of a Quaker minister. Ferris was a member of Wilmington (DE) Meeting who traveled extensively in the ministry. The introductory essay grounds the reader in religious and social developments leading up to the Great Awakening and what followed. Also included is Ferris's correspondence with Quaker slaveholders, in which he urges them to turn aside from this practice. The ebook version is available in mobi (for Kindle readers) and epub (for all other ereaders).

Our Reviews

Chel Avery

One book that I think is incredibly good is "Resistance and Obedience to God." It's been too long since I read it to pop out with a blurb, but I'll mention some of the things I valued about it.

I love the inclusion of the letters that Ferris wrote to Quakers who had slaves. Woolman's Journal contains information like, "I spoke tenderly to them about the matter," leaving me to wonder what he actually said. Ferris's letters urging individual Friends to end their practices of enslavement are both fascinating in their specifics and offer models for how an earlier generation of Friends spoke to each other, and how we might today.

I also loved the parts about Ferris finding the woman who would become his wife and his conversations with God during that process.