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Build It!

Build It!

Build It!

A Toolkit For Nurturing Intergenerational Spiritual Community


Brief Description:
Working over the past five years on a concern about a separation of youth and young adults from our meetings and the Religious Society of Friends, the Youth Ministries Program of the Committee for Nurturing Ministries has collected best practices for nurturing intergenerational spiritual community. The Build It! Toolkit presents: six narrative chapters; lists of resources; templates; and 38 activities and games. It also includes 12 "How-Tos" with helpful tips and the skit, A Short History of Quakerism in 10 Easy Points. The book is practical and accessible, fun and useful for nurturing spiritual community.REPRINTING SHORTLY. DUE IN AUGUST.

Quaker Press of FGC 2011 84 PP. Paper

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Build It! A Toolkit for Nurturing Intergenerational Spiritual Community

The Build It! Toolkit is a new intergenerational spiritual community resource for meetings and worship groups to use. Built It! is available in the early summer in print or online versions for sale at the FGC Bookstore: http://www.quakerbooks.org/

The Built It! Toolkit is designed to strengthen and nurture ties among generations in our meetings, worship groups, and in our larger Religious Society of Friends, and contribute to meetings’ efforts to identify and cultivate emerging leaders. It is both spiritually enriching and fun.

Staff and members of the Friends General Conference Youth Ministries Program worked for five years on a concern about a sense of separation of youth and young adults from our meetings. In response, FGC has gathered a compilation of best practices for building youth-included community, Build It! A Toolkit for Nurturing Intergenerational Spiritual Community. The book contains six chapters of discussion, explanation and resources, and 27 activities including the How Tos available here on this page and the script for the skit Quakerism in 10 Easy Points, also available here for viewing.
Training and Workshops!

Judy Hale Reed has been hired to design and hold workshops for meetings to train people to use this toolkit. She will also be training some Friends to lead workshops. Build It! gives practical support for increasing the involvement of youth and young adults in our meetings, using both spiritual exploration and fun. Please contact Judy (judyhr@fgcquaker.org) to ask questions or schedule a workshop at your meeting. She will also be giving sampler intergroups at the Gathering this summer, July 3-9, 2011. She is looking for younger and older F/friends to help lead exercises on the toolkit, so if you are interested please contact Judy. Workshops are available beginning in June and are for almost all ages (children through retirement).
At my meeting?

Reasons to host a Build It! Toolkit workshop at your meeting

* Strengthen connections as a community and as a spiritual community
* Learn about other meetings’ good practices to reach out to and include youth and young adults
* Cultivate future leaders now
* Reach out to young adults who have geographically relocated from your meeting
* Make your meeting more welcoming to younger seekers and sojourners
* Include all ages in your community
* Identify and use your meeting’s and individual members’ gifts to help build sincerity, trust, affirmation, accountability, practical support, play, friendship, and love
* Talk, play, worship together and strengthen lifelong relationships
* Empower each other and your community and create space to listen deeply to each other and the Divine

Remember, youth and young adults aren’t the future of our meetings, they are the now of our meetings!
Contact person

Judy Hale Reed, Youth Ministries staff, Friends General Conference. The FGC Youth

From QuakerQuaker
Soon to be released through FGC's Quakerbridge Press, Build It: A Toolkit for Nurturing Intergenerational Spiritual Community contains common sense strategies for building a Young Adult and Young Friend presence. Along with practical solutions is straightforward logic that many Friends have vocalized but few have felt the need to document until now. To cite only one example, the book encourages younger adults to serve on committees within their greater meeting or church. And it also proposes ways that older adults can best guide and direct Young Friends and Young Adult Friends, mindful of their unique concerns. Some meetings and churches make an effort towards this end, but aren't quite sure how to translate plans into action. And it is partially for this reason that Build It was written. Seeking to close the generation gap so unfortunately prevalent in places of worship these days, Build It is meant to get the conversation started.....
See more at http://www.quakerquaker.org/profiles/blogs/a-review-build-it-a-toolkit

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