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Essays On The Quaker Vision Of Gospel Order

Essays On The Quaker Vision Of Gospel Order

Essays On The Quaker Vision Of Gospel Order


Brief Description:
These thoughtful essays address facets of Quaker faith and practice, articulating the ways in which gospel order has shaped lives and beliefs of Friends. Wilson gives the reader both a historical perspective and a contemporary understanding of basics like meetings for worship and business, spiritual gifts, leadings, and ministry. Seasoned Friends and those new to Quakerism will find much to ponder.

QuakerPress of FGC 2002 200 PP. Paper

$17.00 (in stock)

From the Back Cover:

Gospel Order, and the search for it, has shaped the Quaker experience since George Fox. In this series of essays, Lloyd Lee Wilson explores the concept of Gospel Order as understood by early Quakers and contemporary Conservative Friends. Each essay addresses a facet of the faith and practice of Friends, articulating the ways in which Friends vision of Gospel Order has shaped their beliefs as well as their outward lives. Both seasoned Friends and readers new to Quakers will find these essays helpful to their understanding of this “peculiar people.”

Lloyd Lee Wilson, an acknowledged minister of the gospel in Rich Square Monthly Meeting (Woodland, NC), is a former clerk of North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) and former General Secretary of Friends General Conference. He has published these essays with the permission of the North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative).


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