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Basic Quakerism
Corporate Discernment

Sacred Compass

Sacred Compass

Sacred Compass

The Way Of Spiritual Discernment


Brief Description:
Now out in paperback- we have a few copies remaining of the hardback at $12.00 reduced from $19.95.

Paraclete 2008 190 PP. Cloth

$12.00 (out of stock but can be backordered)


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graham garner:

For a fascinating interview with the author about this book see.

The first Question of the interview -

1. How do you see your Quaker faith enriching the content of your most recent book? Or could you have written it if you were not a Quaker, how might it be different?

I’ll answer the second part first. I don’t think I could have written this particular book without having been a Quaker. It is shot through with so many Quaker themes – minding the Light, leadings, nudgings of the Spirit, way opening, clearness, and more. It’s not that these are exclusively Quaker concepts (though the wording is unique to Friends), but they do seem to count more en toto among Friends. Also, the Friends idea that all of life is sacramental, we don’t divide into two kingdoms ala the Lutherans or into sacred and secular. If the Quaker view is correct (and I think it is) then it naturally follows that God guides us through all of life’s experiences – good and bad. I think that’s a pretty powerful Quaker testimony.

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