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Spirit Rising

Spirit Rising

Spirit Rising

Young Quaker Voices


Brief Description:
Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices celebrates, critiques, questions, and reflects on the Quaker faith experience. Writing and visual art by teenage and young adult Quakers from around the world and across the theological and cultural spectrum of the Religious Society of Friends give readers a window on the spiritual riches and witness these Friends offer. The contributors in this volume challenge and inspire, as they witness to and celebrate Quakerism as it has been, as it is, and as it could yet be. The voices here come together in a symphony, cacophonous but also deeply resonant. Listen and you will hear that their Spirit - here called by many names - is undeniably rising.

Quaker Press of FGC 2010 356 PP. Paper

$17.50 (in stock)

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What Friends are saying about the Book

While reading Spirit Rising I felt my spirit rising. This delightful and challenging collection of writings is an excellent example of how the Inner Light breaks through into our souls no matter our age, station, or geographical location. These are powerful stories, poems, and essays spoken plainly yet eloquently by diverse young voices. They are a blessing and a reminder that God is at work in this world and that our little Society's contributions in encouraging the life of the Spirit continue -- borne on the words of a new generation of publishers of Truth.

Brent Bill, author of Sacred Compass and Holy Silence, USA

The first generation of Friends included the fiery, the pious, the scholars, the earnest, the iconoclasts, and a few oddballs. Some of that first generation spun off into other directions; others stayed and shaped the cacophony of searching voices into a faith community…or were there already the seeds of many different faith communities? Fast forward a few centuries, add the complexity of differing global cultures and history, and – here we are Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices. Each essay stands alone as a reflection of the writer’s search for the Source. But follow how joy and pain, searching and conversion, conviction and questioning, weave cacophony into jazz.

Margaret Fraser
Executive Secretary, Friends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas, USA

Spirit rises like heat rises. It just does. No channel or label or barrier, real or perceived, can do anything about it. The evidence of this truth is on every page of this volume. These voices have been called by the Spirit, moved by the Holy Ghost, stunned into silence by the Living Presence. No seeing eyes or listening ears could deny it. It is the very hope of Quakerism that the writers can hear and see and accept this same Spirit in each other’s voices. Readers who claim to hold Quakerism dear owe each writer an open, expectant, non-dismissive hearing. I am grateful for their courage.

Peggy Senger Parsons, pastor of Freedom Friends Church and author of So There I Was..., Salem, Oregon, USA

This important book lifts up the voices of young Quakers from many contexts, and is the first anthology of young Quaker self-expression to take seriously the majority of the world’s Quakers, who live in Africa and Latin America. The process of creating this book mirrors its content, in the sense that the editorial board formed an intentional multicultural community which sought to discern the many voices of young Friends through which the One voice of God can be heard. From my perspective, the submissions from the African youth are particularly significant, as they empower the voices of youth from places where young voices are not normally heard or valued. The issues raised by these young people, and their abiding hope in the Lord, point to the ways in which Quakerism will renew itself – and be renewed by the Holy Spirit – in the next few decades.

Eden Grace, Field Officer, Africa Ministries Office, Friends United Meeting, Kenya


Here is a full list of the authors and the title of their contribution.Those articles written in Spanish are presented in both English and Spanish. A complete Spanish edition should be published late in 2010

The Opening by Liz Wine
La Adoración/Worship by Fanny Mamani
Silence by Tonje Smidt Hundevadt
Quaker Haiku by Kathleen Burckhardt
Cultural Activities by Liani Phylis
Worship by Katrina McQuail
Un Minuto Especial/A Special Moment by Henry Loza Diaz
Incantation by Sara Waxman
¿Cuán Importante Es la Oración en su Vida?
How Important Is Prayer in Your Life? by Fanny Mamani
Phish Food by Rebecca Brinton Gilbert
Amazing Things by Alissa LeMond
When I Attend Quaker Meeting by Max Dixon-Murdock
Do-to-Dot by Keava McKeogh
Song of an Iona Pilgrimage by Rhiannon Grant
The Bread Testimony by Keith Lepinski
Practical Experimenting with Light and Marveling by Marie-Helene Drouin
This Prayer Has No Words by Joanna Waters
I Think I Have a Crush on Jesus by Stephanie Speicher
La Benedición de la Oración en Mi Vida/
The Blessing of Prayer in My Life by José Luis Cuellar Avalos
Invite Your Body to Worship by Jaya Karsemeyer
Yearn for the Word of God by Mathew Amoyi Lanogwa
Testifying for Peace by Rachel Kincaid
My Relationship with God in Terms of Prayer by Elyne Juma Namuma
The Subtle Power of Meeting for Worship by David R. Mercadante
How I Experience the Holy Spirit by Wycliffe M. Musera
I Am by Gayle Yeomans
Practicing Faithfulness: Seeking, Callings, Leadings, Ministry
Leadings by Ashley M. Wilcox
Procuro Vivir Mi Día en la Presencia de Dios/I Try to Live My Daily Life in the Presence of God by Damaris Mercedes Guardado Lemus
Burning: A Reflection on One Morning’s Message by Kody Gabriel Hersh
God Is Calling, Will Liz Please Pick Up? by Liz Wine
La Mano de Dios en la Naturaleza/
God’s Hand in Nature by Efrain Cuellar Avalos
So, About Leadings by Julian Brelsford
The Support of Experience by Harriet Hart
Trabajando en el Ministerio del Señor/
Working in the Lord’s Ministry by Ruth Calle
Faithfully Dancing by Emily Stewart
The Really Reluctant Leader by Aimee McAdams
Way Opens by Rob Jones
In the Midst of Iniquity by Heather C. Meehan
Isaiah by Nathan Sebens
Martha by Anna Obermayer
Un Amigo Evangélico/An Evangelical Friend
by Damaris Mercedes Guardado Lemus
El Ministerio y los Dones Espirituales/
The Spiritual Gifts in the Ministry by Emma Condori Mamani
One Source, Many Streams: Friendship, Convergence, Ecumenism, and Intervisitation
I Have Always Felt by Katrina McQuail
Luz/Light by Jorge Luis Peña Reyes
Quakerism Is More Than a Man and a Motorcycle by Evan Welkin
The Journey Worth Taking by Sarah Katreen Hoggatt
Magnificat by Hannah C. Logan-Morris
Modern-Day Esther by Kate Symank
Presence of the Living Christ by Evelyn Jadin
Seeking by Hannah C. Logan-Morris
We Are Struggling to Find out Who We Are by Pastor Leonard Sshivage
I Believe by M. Chadkirk
Confessions of a Quaker Trader/Traitor by Tai Amri Spann-Wilson
Spiritual Biography of a Southern Friend by Julia Hood
Convergent Friends as New Jazz Traditionalists by Chad Stephenson
Convergent Friendship and Playing with the Quaker “Other”
by C. Wess Daniels
Aphorisms by Howie Baker
Kingdom Life: Witness and Engagementin the World
The Kingdom Life by Kody Gabriel Hersh
Imana Nibishaka: God Willing by Emily Higgs
Peace Poem by Wycliffe M. Musera
God’s Message Gets in One Deeply and Lives in Him
by Wasike W. Noah
Culture and Technology have Affected our Faith as Quakers
by Andrew Wafula Wakili
Meeting Christ in Guatemala by W. Geoffrey Black
It Happens Every Day by Joy Ellison
A Gathering Storm by Chris Pifer
Steady, Aim, Breathe, Fire by Stephen Willis Dotson
Walking Peacefully through a Violent World? by Richard George
Sight of the Kingdom of God by Kristen M. Johnson
Las Cañadas Ecovillage by Laurie Pickard
Practicing Peace in a World of Impermanence by Megan E. Drimal
block out the sun, turn on all the lights by Kit Wilson-Yang
Reflections on Values, Community, and Vocation by Cassie Leigh Wright
From Pendle Hill to Capitol Hill by Russell Weiss-Irwin
To Be Friends with Animals by Andreas Hernander Brand
Unspoken Truth by Micky Jo Myers
Friends Leaders Must Be Generous by Gerson Khayongo
Army for Quakers by Kelly Ackerman
Living as a Friend in Korea by Bokyom Jin
Tukadumishe Amani/We Cling to Peace by Lopeto Peter
In Solidarity We Stand Together by Alexa Taylor
Another Culture that Transcends All Cultures by Joyce Mattimama
The Temptation to Surrender by C. Wess Daniels
A Continued Conversation by Cara Curtis
Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? by Jon Kershner
Music of My Heart by Larissa Keeler
The Road to Kitale by Johnepur Lomuria
Naming Our Own Radical Faith by Emma M. Churchman
Restless by Rachel Anne Miller
The City of Remembrance by Amy Jean Singleton-Polster
Through a Glass Darkly by Rachel Kincaid
Fiel Siempre Fiel/Faithful Always Faithful
by Maritza Cordero Quispe
Prayer by Rachel Anne Miller
Hope in the Night by Sarah Katreen Hoggatt
Yo Soy Una Persona Importante para Dios/I Am an Important Person
for God by Gabriel Flores Arauz
Faith by Bridget Holtom
Stories of Convincement, Conversion, Salvation,
and Personal Transformation
Reflections on a Quaker Childhood by Liv Henry
Why I Became a Quaker by Kenneth Platter
Looking for God by Maggie Wanner
Testimony of a Nontheist Friend by Lincoln Alpern
Un Ateo Arrepentido/A Repentant Atheist
by Raul Choque Mamani
Friends of the Truth by Pradip Lamichhane
just me and my smugness by cubbie storm
My Relationship with God by Eddah Robai
Faith Is the Breakthrough of Everything by Catila N. Brenda
Dios Guia Mi Vida/God Guides My Life
by Erika Paula Miranda Gutierrez
My Relationship with God by Linate Munyane
Brokenness and Touching God’s Divine Presence by Anna Obermayer
Meet God in Desperation by Mac Lemann
Mi Conversión/My Conversion by Rebeca Tintaya V
Today I Choose You by Paul Christiansen
In Him I Am Edified and Fulfilled by Isaac Wekesa Makokha
Forgiveness and Divine Love by Rachel Anne Miller
My Conversion by Pastor Peter Ikapolon
How I Became a Quaker by Ashley M. Wilcox
Breaking Bread: Fellowship with God and Others
Pouring Tea by Brianna Richardson
A Quaker Marriage by Elizabeth Baltaro
Knowing Where You’re Going by Rhiannon Grant
A Good Samaritan by Peter Parr
Mi Experiencia Personal con Dios/My Personal Experience
with God by Sara Miranda Gutiérrez
Practicing Hospitality by Eileen R. Kinch
Holy Healing by Crystal Waitekus
Stone Love by Megan E. Drimal
Dear God by Mallary Allen
Bird Shadows by L. Callid Keefe-Perry
An Experience of the Divine by Jenny McCarthy
Our Father by Kody Gabriel Hersh
How Does God Find and Touch You? by Flynn
Daily Moments of Solace by John C. Lawson-Myers
Members One of Another by Angelina Conti
By My Encounter with Him by Nancy Ghangahoa
La Juventud Cristiana/Christian Youth
by Wilder Amado Condori Pillco
My Nana’s Meeting House by Ailsa Wild
The Most Important Thing by Ruth Bueso de Coronado
When Did You Get ‘Mom Spit?’ by Carrie Glasby
The Speeding Up of My Heart and the Trembling
of My Fingertips by Alexa Taylor
Troubling the Water: Calls for Transformation
and Renewal
Spiritual Independence by Kathryn Lum
La Comunidad de los Cuáqueros/
The Quaker Community by Oscar Cordero
The State of Youth in the Religious Society of Friends and Their Hope
for the Future by Pastor Sarah K. Makanga
There Is No Success without a Successor by Domitilla A. Khayongo
Reap Good Fruit by Pasilksa Elimah
Toward Damascus by L. Callid Keefe-Perry
A Strong Feeling of One Another by Simiyu Kalamu Timothy
Friends Living the Resurrection by Michael J. Fulp, Jr.
The Sweat Lodge and Meeting for Worship by Greg Woods
The Way by Megan E. Drimal
Dispatches from the Lamb’s War by Noah Baker Merrill
Sin Llevar la Gracia de Dios al Libertinaje/
Without Leading God’s Grace by Quispe Arratia Edwin Ruben
One Meeting by Kathleen Burckhardt
Let Us Achieve the Height by Everet Nate
Speak for Ourselves by Rebecca Sullivan
First and Foremost We Are Brethren by Dennis Murunga Nalyanga
Reclamation by Ashley M. Wilcox
To Better Places of Life by Timothy Umunzi Mutanyi
Tokenism by Sadie Forsythe
Psalm 151 by Zachary Moon
You Say You Love Me (God’s Lament) by Peter Parr
Does God Feel Hungry? by John Epur Lomuria
Expanding Horizons by M. E. Hogan
Awakening the Slumbering Light by Kevin Camp

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