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The Journal And Major Essays Of John Woolman

The Journal And Major Essays Of John Woolman

The Journal And Major Essays Of John Woolman


Brief Description:
John Woolman was a Quaker minister and prophet who deeply understood the relationship of Divine connection with human action. Woolman's analyses of the roots of social evil carefully trace individual responsibility from motive to action, and follow the ever-widening consequences of that action. The `how' of social change is one of Woolman's greatest concerns; and the methods he suggests, springing from a right relationship to God, emphasize nonviolence and express love that encompasses both the wrongdoer and the wronged. This edition of Woolman's Journal is the first to reflect Woolman's final intentions with fidelity and scholarly accuracy.

Friends United Press 1989 336 PP. Paper

$25.00 (in stock)


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