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The Quaker Way ( Rex Ambler)

The Quaker Way ( Rex Ambler)

The Quaker Way ( Rex Ambler)

A Rediscovery


Brief Description:
Rex Ambler describes this short book as his attempt "to explain the Quaker way, as far as that is possible." Although it is fairly well known about, Quakerism is not well understood. This book, based on a series of lectures, describes Quaker practice and Quaker life through secitons on "Finding the Truth," "Making Decisions," "Living Faithfully," and more. British Friend Ambler originated the "Experiments with Light" exercises widely explored by modern Friends.

Christian Alternative 2012 159 PP. Paper

$19.99 (in stock)

This book is an attempt, as I say in the Introduction, 'to explain the Quaker way, as far as that is possible'. It is a distinctive way and, though perhaps no better than others, it has its own integrity and effectiveness.

Although it is fairly well known about, Quakerism is not well understood, so I hope in this book to make it intelligible, to explain how it works as a spiritual practice and why it has adopted the particular practices it has. It is aimed primarily at non-Quakers, who may nonetheless be interested to know what Quakerism is about.

Rex Ambler was a lecturer in theology at Birmingham University for over thirty years. He works mostly with Quakers, giving talks and workshops on Quaker faith and practice, traveling to many parts of the world to teach 'Quaker meditation' and to help people set up their own 'light groups' to practise it. www.experiment-with-light.org.uk




1. Finding the truth

Quakers won't tell you what the truth is, but they may tell you that you need to find the truth in order to live well. Quakers obviously have a very unusual understanding of truth.

2. Looking for God

We have no creeds, priests or official doctrine. How do we know what God is, or even whether there is a God" The Quaker way of finding God has to be unique.

3. Meeting others

"Meeting" is a big word for Friends. By meeting together and opening up to one another we find strength and insight, and a basis for action. But it means also that we take responsibility for one another.

4. Making decisions

The kind of decision-making exemplified in a Meeting for Business is unique, surprising and difficult to understand. How did it arise, and how does it work?

5. Living faithfully

We don"t live according to rules and commandments; we follow our conscience and "the light within". How are we supposed to do that exactly?

6. Bearing witness

This is our alternative to evangelising and proselytising, but we have to remind ourselves what we are bearing witness to, and how we go about it. Part of this is understanding our historic "testimonies".

7. Changing things

If there"s one thing we can be sure of in the Quaker way, it is that Quakers are concerned to change the world. As are many others, of course. But do Quakers have a special approach?


1. Hidden or Veiled Spiritual Verities Revealed

2. The Sense of the Meeting

3. Advices and Queries

4. The Peace Declaration

5. The Friends" Testimony



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