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Valiant Friend

Valiant Friend

Valiant Friend

The Life Of Lucretia Mott


Brief Description:
Lucretia Mott - Quaker minister, anti-slavery leader, champion of the feminist cause-this gentle woman's life is chronicled in a dynamic biography by Margaret Hope Bacon. This new edition of Valiant Friend makes the life story of Lucretia Mott, "the most venerated woman in America," available to us as a shining example of what a life of courage and conviction can accomplish.

Quaker Press of FGC 1999 304 PP. Paper

$14.95 (in stock)

More about Lucretia Mott:

Lucretia Mott, the gentle Quaker leader who fought to end slavery and win equality for women…

Born in 1793 on Nantucket Island, Lucretia Mott was called “the most venerated woman in America” upon her death in 1880. During her long and active life she was a reformer, Quaker minister, matriarch, antislavery leader, and crusader for women’s rights.

What the critics say about Valiant Friend:

“Bacon has written a simple, direct, no-nonsense work.” — New York Times Book Review

“This is a biography of achievement, a straight-forward record of years of determination to follow the “light within” regardless of the disapproval of some members of the Society of Friends and the actual harassment of antiabolitionists.” — Christian Science Monitor

“This carefully researched and sympathetic biography of the renowned 19th-Century reformer focuses primarily on her private relationships with family and fellow reformers.” — Library Journal

Margaret Hope Bacon has written numerous books about Quaker history including The Quiet Rebels, Mothers of Feminism, I Speak for My Slave Sister, as well as short stories and articles for magazines and newspapers. Love is the Hardest Lesson: A Memoir and Abby Hopper Gibbons: Prison Reformer are Bacon’s most recent books. She lives in Pennsylvania and Maine.


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