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Which Way Is Camp?

Which Way Is Camp?

Which Way Is Camp?

An Ethiopian Spiritual Adventure


Brief Description:
In 1961 David Breckinridge, then a training Presbyterian priest in seminary was offered the chance to help build a mission station on the Gilo river in Ethiopia by the Sudanese border. It was the start of 8 months of true isolation in a real wilderness.

Two Harbors Press 2013 Paper

$13.95 (in stock)

"Message to Dave, Message to Dave, do not hunt, do not fish, do not leave camp. A message will follow in a few days!"

When I saw the airplane disappear in the direction of Sudan, my heart sank! This was the airplane that was to have reconnected us to civilization. Instead, I (we) watched in dismay as the sound of the airplane faded and our only connection to (our) civilization flew out of sight. Four young American men stranded in the African wilderness. Isolated from all but native people, whose language we did not understand nor they ours.

Sixty miles from the closest settlement, that was not a native African village, no roads, only animal trails and rivers. We had no "modern" means of communication. There were no telephones, telegraph nor two way radio. It was a year of many surprising events.

We would have to hack an airstrip out of the wilderness with only hand tools. It would take us 8 months. Which Way Is Camp? is the story of that adventure. .


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