Everything you Wanted to Know about Indians But were Afraid to Ask



What have you always wanted to know about American Indians? Do you think you should already know the answers, or suspect that your questions may be offensive? In matter-of-fact responses to over 120 questions, both thoughtful and outrageous, modern and historical Ojibwe scholar and cultural preservationist Anton Treuer gives a frank, funny, and a personal tour of Indian culture. A collection of over 150 of his letters; his correspondents include the major progressives of his day and touchingly his correspondence with AFSC staff after his arrest. Bayard Rustin's eloquent, impassioned voice, his ability to chart the path "from protest to politics," is both timely and deeply informative. As the Occupy movement ushers America into a pivotal election year, and as politicians and citizens re-assess their goals and strategies, these letters provide direct access to the strategic thinking and tactical planning that led to the successes of one of America's most transformative and historic social movements..